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Body Treatments

Pretty Kitty Vajacial

A treatment for the feminine area that is comparable to a facial! Suggested to be done 3-10 days following a Brazilian wax. The treatment consists of steaming, purifying, shedding, taking out any ingrown hairs, hydrating, applying serums and HydroJellyMask, and using high frequency to get rid of bacteria. This process takes one hour.

*It is necessary to wait 3 - 10 days after a wax.

The Exress Vajacial

The treatment which includes steam therapy, extractions, a vajacial mask and the application of gentle skincare products can be performed together with a waxing service. The duration of this treatment is 30 minutes.

Brazilian & Hydrogel Vajacial Mask

The Brazilian wax treatment will effectively eliminate any undesired hair according to your preferences, covering the panty line and butt strip. Additionally, the procedure includes a relaxing Vajacial Mask to enhance the experience.

Peaches & Glisten (AKA Booty Facial)

This personalized skin therapy specifically caters to your Peach, also known as Booty Facial. Its focus is to eliminate blockage, ingrown hair, undesirable skin texture, and uneven skin tone. You will be properly covered during the one-hour session.

Intimate Skin Lightening

This service is aimed at individuals experiencing skin darkening caused by hyper friction, inflammation, rubbing, deodorant, and fragrances. The procedure is carried out in the bikini, underarm, anus, nipple, and inner thigh regions and is recommended to be done 5 to 7 days following a wax. 3 or more treatments is recommended.

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